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Jenny's blog contact info etc.

Please contact me if you have any questions about what we did in class once you are home and trying things on your own....

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Jenny Mendes Ceramics

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Class List

Name Preferred E-mail Number
Felice Amato
Patsy Bauer
 no email

Julia Baugh

Christina Brown

Grace Fahrenthold

Brenda Jones

Marg Kuhl

Emily Nickel

Carla Rafferty

Tolley Rippon

Connie Stark

Jean Wilder




Kelly Daniels

Jenny's favorite paint brush

18/0 LOEW-CORNELL 7050 Script

a few places to find them on the internet:
Wow this is cheaper than I've ever found them!!!

If you time it right, you can get free shipping here......they have weekly specials

My favorite brushes are sable watercolor brushes, soft, Jerry's has sales on brushes too if you time it right.  There is nothing like a good brush, paying a little bit more is usually worth it!  Just remember to take care of them, don't leave them sitting in water for too long or you will be sad...... :(


We used 4 different washes after we bisqued our pieces to cone 03
The wash was fired to cone 05

1 soda ash to 3 parts water (stronger more fluxing action)
1 soda ash to  6 parts water (weaker)
1 lithium carb to 4 parts water
1 borax to 4 parts water


For Class we used

Stans Red Clay - no grog
Lyman   (with grog)